We invited a ghost-writer to write ten letters within a period of a hundred years for a certain Ivone. She may be the choreographer Yvonne Rainer, or anyone else whose name sounds the same. While reading the letters on the scene, we continuously dismantle and reassemble a chair, making dismantling and precariousness a way of life.




2016 | 50min

premiere at oficina cultural oswald de andrade

Conception and performance

Renan Marcondes


Artur Kon

Clarissa Sacchelli


Tetembua Dandara

photos: Cacá Bernardes




Materia IVONE arises from the need to continue in the midst of a constantly dismantling scenario. For that, the artists Carolina Callegaro and Renan Marcondes ordered ten letters written by a ghost-writer to a certain Ivone for a hundred years (2016- 2116). These letters are read on the scene and choreograph a way of experimental existence that transitions between banality, affection and the attempt to remain in continuous movement, even if the apparently safe spaces begin to unravel. The artists take turns between reading the letters, dismounting a wooden chair and performing a loop choreography whose simple gestures reveal particular details of each dancing body.

The work is the result of a research carried out over a year based on the work Trio A, by the choreographer Yvonne Rainer and the letter written by the artist Lygia Clark to Piet Mondrian. Without any financial support, the artists stopped for a while to dedicate their attempt to writing projects to the government funding for the arts and started writing excerpts of letters full of affection to an Ivone never known, replacing the uncertain wait with the inevitable continuation.